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On Pulling Newts From Ponds; Now in Surround Sound

Stroud Short Stories have now released 9 of the stories read at the event earlier this month, yours truly featured amongst them. How exciting!

I've embedded my video below, but also be sure to check out the channel to see the other stories read at the event here: CLICKY CLICK.

Seriously, you could pour a glass of wine and watch them all and it's like you attended the whole event for free! Also get in there, because I suspect by the next round of Stroud Short Stories in November, those videos might be gone!

Above: a video in which I sound very, very English.

Finally, a quick shout out to good friends Lazarus and Helena for the moral support throughout the process, and also John Holland, who organised the event, for the kind words of encouragement.

The real thanks; however, should probably go to the dozens and dozens of common newts that had to put up with me invading their pond at every opportunity and were really very good sports about it.

I must stress that no newts were harmed in the process of writing this story, and as a disclaimer, you really shouldn't harass any amphibian. Except maybe cane toads should you happen to be Australian, but those guys have it coming.

This post concludes 'Newts' and my run of blogging about it. I've enjoyed it all enormously and I hope you have too. With that, I'll leave you with one last newt, pictured right, exampling the expression that all newts have once they dropped back into the pond.

- Sarah.