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Stroud Short Stories

Art by S. Chapman; font work by Stroud Short Stories

I'm pleased to announced that my short story 'On Pulling Newts From Ponds' was selected as one of the top ten submissions to Stroud Short Stories May 2018, and very excitingly, my title was selected for the title of the event at which all 10 stories were read and the upcoming anthology.

The event was held at the SVC in Stroud, where 70 people filled out the venue. I tip my cap to fellow competitors Steve Wheeler and Nick Browne whose stories were my personal favourites of the night. Big thanks to John and the team for a wonderful event.

In celebration, and until the YouTube videos are launched; I've done what anyone would do in the circumstances. I've painted a newt.

Stay posted for more updates, and scroll up (down?) for the story itself.

- Sarah.